Court Time and Clinics
Contract Court Time
2018/2019 Contract Prices Now Available! See Below for Prices for next Season and Contact if Interested!

Have a weekly game? Grab a contract from Crestmont Indoor Tennis and be guaranteed your slot each week for our indoor season. Prices are below for the brand new 2018/2019 Season.  The Season will begin Sunday, September 23rd and end Thursday, April 18th

2018/2019 Contract Prices

Contract prices per hour:

                                   Tuesdays/Thursdays(28 weeks)                              Wednesday (29 weeks)               Monday/Friday (27 weeks)
  9am-4pm                                       $1148                                                                 $1189                                          $1107
  4pm-10pm                                     $1428                                                                 $1479                                          $1377

                                                                              Saturday (27 weeks)                         Sunday (28 weeks)
 8am-12pm                                                                      $1377                                               $1428
 12pm - 9pm                                                                    $1107                                               $1148

Rules and Regulations of the Club                                                                             

Private Lessons and Clinics
Crestmont Indoor Tennis offers a variety of Private lessons, clinics, and programs, for all ages.  Adults and kids can hop into our programs, run by the Northern Jersey Tennis Academy.   They offer a wide range of programs, from Adult clinics, including stroke work and strategy, to the fast growing cardio tennis.  Northern Jersey Tennis is also proficient in the 10 and under kids program, and offers high school clinics, as well.  For more information, visit their webpage by clicking here .

2018/2019 Open Court Time

Crestmont Indoor Tennis offers open court rates whenever court time is available.  Court rates are as follows:

Weekends : 8am-12pm - $51/hr
                      12pm-9pm - $41/hr

Weekdays : 9am - 2pm, 3pm-4pm - $41/hr
                      4pm - 10pm - $51/hr
                      2pm - 3pm - $25/hr SPECIAL!!

Want to see our Court Time?  Click here and you can view the court time up to a week in advance to see if the court you want is available